Air Freight

By utilising the world's major commercial airlines, all-cargo carriers, and charter flights, we are able to provide a comprehensive range of air freight services worldwide, providing sensible and cost-effective price options with all of the world’s major freight carriers, allowing immediate access to space.

I C Shipping Ltd is approved by the Department for Transport as a regulated agent within the National Aviation Security Regulations, and this allows us to handle cargo from approved shippers without additional security screening, or to screen cargo from non-approved shippers to verify the integrity of the shipment prior to delivery to the carrying airline.

We are able to offer both direct airline and consolidated services that enable us to provide the best 'time versus cost' option for any particular shipment, large or small to fit in with your requirements and those of your customers. Keeping a close eye on what can be a highly volatile market means that we can offer rates which are at least comparable with those of the major multinational forwarders and often more competitive.


Our network of global partners allow us to offer not only services to the appointed destination airport, but also closely monitored door-to-door services with our overseas partner maintaining close contact with your customers to ensure smooth customs clearance and final delivery at the appointed time and place.



In many cases, one of our global partners will have an office close to your supplier and will be able to offer an all-in cost from the suppliers warehouse to yours using a range of best-cost or fastest transit time options. We can also monitor the shipment from door-to-door, giving you the peace of mind that your valuable products are being well looked after.

Additionally, we can also offer:-

Transportation of Hazardous Cargo.

Export packing including hazardous goods.

UK exit customs entry using our own web based NES link.

Documentation including customs and consular certificates and all supporting paperwork to comply with Letter of Credit terms.

Customs clearance for non-inter EU shipments.

Worldwide tariffs.

Fast transit times for time-sensitive cargo.

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International Courier

Documents and small to medium size packages delivered safely to thousands of destinations worldwide.

Cargo Insurance

Insure your cargo against loss and/or damage in the event of unforeseen circumstances.


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All business undertaken is subject to British International Freight Association (BIFA) Standard Terms and Conditions 2021 Edition (England) which is available to view and download here; alternatively a hard copy can be provided upon request.

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